No matter what type of task you need to complete involving your roof, there will be many ways to go about doing it, some of which are better than others. Whether you need to make roofing repairs, need a full replacement, or just need an inspection done following a storm, avoid these common roofing mistakes and contact a reputable roofing company in Austin

Doing Roofing Yourself

Perhaps the most common mistake a homeowner can make in regards to roofing is choosing to do the job themselves. Unless you happen to also have experience with roofing, the average homeowner will not be able to complete a roofing repair or replacement – or even inspection – as well as a professional. Any small error during the roofing process can lead to unstable roofing, leaks, structural weaknesses, or just a reduced lifespan for the roof. All this means that even if you think you will save money up front by doing the roofing yourself, you will likely cost yourself more overall. Even a roofing inspection is problematic when done by an inexperienced homeowner because there are some issues only a professional can notice.


On a related note, a similar mistake would be to hire a cheap company with little to no experience. They are almost just as likely to make errors during the roofing process as you, but you still have to pay them. As such, this may end up costing you even more than doing the job wrong yourself and having to fix it. Don’t skimp when hiring contractors and go with experienced roofers with positive customer reviews.

Covering Old Shingles

If you hire a low-quality roofing company, they may cover up old shingles instead of actually replacing them, something which should not be done. The correct method is removing all old shingles before replacing them. If you leave the old shingles in space and just put the new ones on top, this is a recipe for dirt and moisture collection, which in turn leads to faster deterioration. Before your roofer installs new shingles, always confirm the old ones are gone.


Installing Flashing Incorrectly

Flashing is one of the main components on your roof that helps prevent leaks, particularly around valleys, chimneys, and vents. Unfortunately, those without roofing experience can easily make a mistake when installing the flashing and this mistake may lead to water damage. An experienced roofer should be able to install the flashing properly and/or confirm that the flashing on your current roof is correctly installed when you suspect a leak.


Skimping On Ice And Water Protection

Leaving old shingles in place are not the only way that moisture can affect your roof. Unless you install a tough moisture barrier, too much liquid will still accumulate, weakening the various components of your roof and reducing their lifespan. Reputable roofers will know the right moisture barriers and never skip these to cut corners. With the barriers in place, moisture is collected then disposed of without impacting your roof.


Not Using Enough Ventilation

Any experienced roofing professional knows that these structures require ventilation. Without enough, there will likely be a build-up of excessive heat, hurting the roof’s efficiency and also collecting moisture. The average homeowner will not think about ventilation until it is too late, but an experienced roofer should know that ventilation is a must.






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